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Research & Reformation

We accept that nothing holds to be the best forever, so we keep reforming our methods. And research is the base element for that & to lead us in a better direction.


We understand that every kid, their nature and skillset is unique from one another. Hence our approach is to module our teaching to be more adaptive to make it easier for them.


Learning becomes super-easy when it has fun in it that drives kid to be excited to learn more. And we believe in a policy of “Learn hard, Play Harder”.


We all know the importance of discipline, especially in the initial learning curve of a kid that helps them lifelong. Thus, we focus on making kids not just skilled but disciplined too.

Welcome To Genius Academy

Genius Academy is an innovative education centre where we boost your child’s skills like handwriting, numerical abilities, & brainpower. Under our skills development programmes, we aim to enhance children’s cognitive functions such as memory, concentration and visualization. The programmes are uniquely designed with effective teaching techniques to engage your child productively, & make learning fun for them.

Our courses comprises of 360` Abacus Training, Basic to advance Vedic Maths, & handwriting improvement with calligraphy which all helps in polishing-up multiple aspects of a child’s development. The courses are specially tailored for children between 5 and 10 years of age, to lay a foundation for their bright future.

Meet Our Teacher

Mrs. Seema Gupta. She is professional Teacher, and has completed her 20+ years of experience. Over the years she has taught & nurtured thousands of students. She believes that every kid carries unlimited potential, and the right education contributes to living up to that potential. Being a mother herself, she knows how important it is to prepare the little ones for this competitive world.


What Makes Us Different?

20+ Years of Teaching Education

500+ Students Taught

Tested & Proven Teaching methodology

Undivided Attention


Safety and Security of your child.

Regular Progress Reports

High standards of quality and ethics

Happy Parents

“My son Angle kapoor had been struggling with maths & so I opted genius academy’s abacus programme for him. It really helped him to learn in a better way & he don’t run from maths now and I am very proud with the performance of him after this program, I’m really grateful to the academy and suggest their programmes to other parents.”

Neera kapoor

“My daughter Melvin started this academy’s vedic maths course last year and I observed a great improvement in her mathematics skills and she started getting appreciated in her school. I completely thank genius academy for their contribution in it ”


“My son Harsh had a hard to understand handwriting which even his teachers said to me. I get him to join the calligraphy course of this academy. It truly helped him to enhance his handwriting & now his also appraise him about for his handwriting.”


“After joining this academy I have seen lot of positive changes in my both kids. Their school teachers mentioned that not only their skills improved but their moral values and personality has also developed aspiring.”


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